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Biltong Snow on White Rice




1 bag of 30g-40g of Kubdu Biltong
150g approx of rice
1-2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil  (optional)


We are not going very far with this cooking tip but we aim to help all those sportmen that eat white rice regularly by showing them a fast, easy and excelent way to vary from the classic chicken, eat veal and get something tastier in a matter of seconds.
You only have to boil and rinse the rince. Meanwhile grind/crush the Kubdu Biltong veal slices to get biltong ‘snow’.
Place the rice nicely on a plate and sprinkle the biltong snow on top of it.
We recommend to play with the presentation if serving to guests to make it more visual. Try our different varieties to get a different dish everyday. The olive oil touch adds juiceness and rounds the taste.
With this meal you´ll win vs chicken more flavour, better protein quality, nutrients from veal such as iron and save lots of time cooking!
Here you have access to the  video tutorial (in spanish).
Bon appétit!

Funghi & Biltong Risotto


Serves 4 people:
60-80gr of Kubdu Biltong either Original or Spicy
6 dried tomatoes
400 gr of rice ideal for risotto (100gr/person)
8-10 tbp of extravirgin olive oil
12 tender garlic
8-12 mushrooms
50gr of Idiazabal cheese or Grana Padano.
1 litre of water (3 glasses per 100gr of rice)


Cut half of the tender garlic and mushroom and fry in olive oil.
After a couple of minutes, add the rice. Afterwards add the water, salt and a pinch of black pepper.
While the rice gets ready (15-18minutos), we cut the remaining garlics and mushrooms, half the load of biltong, at least 5 tbs of oil and the dry tomatoes. We use the whisk turning it into a reddish sauce.
Once the water has evaporated and the rice has the risotto texture, then add the remaining biltong, mix and place on a plate.
Spread the sauce on top and add the grated cheese. Ready to be served!
Tips: for a creamier texture use different types of cheese and add it once in the frying pan when adding the biltong. Try with different types of mushrooms and biltong varieties to get different flavours and textures.