8 reasons to buy Kubdu Biltong



Let us suggest you eight substantial reasons:

  1. Because it´s….made exclusively with PREMIUM VEAL raised at the Catalonian Pyrenees.vacas-pastando
  2. Because it´s… a SUPERIOR QUALITY PRODUCT:
    1. Grass-fed veal, no hormones, no drugs.product features full
    2. Full traceability from raw material to each single bag.
    3. We select only top silverside: fresh selected fat-free steaks.
    4. Proximity product: low carbon-footprint as we outsource our meat and produce within 40miles range.
    5. Our meat is always FRESH, never frozen.
    6. HALAL certified making it suitable for muslims.
    7. Hand-crafted, piece by piece, bag by bag.


  1. Because it´s…the LATEST TREND in Snacking: New Protein Snack Category that follows the main food trend in Europe: Healthy, Natural & Tasty products. .
  1. Because it´s… PURE INNOVATION: the first worlwide GOURMET & MEDITERRANEAN Biltong. The FUSION of blending the Spanish Meat Culture with the SouthAfrican concept & spices marinated with the prime Mediterranean Modene Balsamic Vinegar.
  1. Because it´s… UNIQUE & ORIGINAL. We are creators and pioneers, we have thought and tested our product. No one does it our way, they will copy us in the near future because ours is the result of almost a year of research and improvement finding out the best product that suits the sophisticated European palate. We decided to break the rules of existing Biltong in order to adapt it to the 21st Century. Fighting upstream against less-convenient existing alternatives and making it possible for consumers to find it in shelves. That´s our aim: to be widespread.

Moreover, as creators, we are commited to innovation thus our innovation pipeline is full of more than 25 fort-coming launches (completely no-existing products) that we aim to launch within the next 3 years.

  1. Because it´s…a VERY HEALTHY product made of::
    1. Pure high-biological-value protein (52%). Contains 19 out of the 21 aminoacids.
    2. Low in carbs (<3%)
    3. Low in fat (<4%)
    4. Low in calories (100kcal per 40gr portion)
    5. Natural source of Iron & Vitamins B.


  1. Because it´s… indicated for everyone:
    1. Gourmands: looking to pamper themselves with something new, tasty and different. Ideal to join a cold beer or a glass of wine.
    2. Health-seekers: those following a balanced-diet and concerned about what they eat, away from fat & carb excesses.
    3. Diets: ideal for any type of diet, most specially protein-based diets.
    4. Kids from 3 to 14 yo: they love it! And so does their mothers as its a very healthy alternative.
    5. Sports people: ideal for muscular recovery after sport due to its high quality protein content.
    6. Tourists: they love it! Specially contries such as the US, UK or areas like the northern Europe, Middle East or China.

barra   sports Marc   MADRE Y NIÑA COCINANDO

  1. Because it… has been Internationally Awarded and Appraised.
    1.  SUPERIOR TASTE 2015 award by the prestigious ITQI (International Taste& Quality Institute) composed by more than 15 international schools of chefs & sommeliers.
    2. Qualified as the most wine-friendly snack and fostered by the reknown sommelier Ferran Centelles, former sommelier at El Bulli for 10years and qualified as the best national sommelier 2006 and 2011 .
    3. Highly valued by the national and internarional press thus present in many magazines, newspapers and food-related press. Published in FOUR magazine (the best world food magazine) and local media such as ElPais, LaVanguardia or SantCugatTV.

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